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Rich with color and sparkle,our Amore Collection is seasonless and timeless. Our unique Amore Collection includes two tone jewelry and tri-color jewelry sterling silver jewelry. Browse through inspiring rings, elegant earrings, shimmering necklaces and exquisite bracelets to discover the true beauty of Jeulia design.
Both two tone and tri-color have their own meanings. Red rose tone represents you, white silver represents me. When the two color are intertwined together, this kind of jewelry is full of beautiful lines and colors, which highlights that from now on, love often accompanies you around. Three colors symbolize the three most important emotions in the world, white represents friendship, gold represents loyalty, rose gold represents love, symbolize the most sincere love of mankind, the most sincere perfect unity. It can be seen that our artisans yearning for a better life and belief, expressing the lingering love between lovers.
Choose a variety of interesting designer styles. Be sure to browse the entire Amore Collection before making your final selections.